Link – Common question!

Note: Please turn off all your antivirus program before installing game.

+ Guide to turn off antivirus program and window defender.

+ Guide to download and install the Game.

Step: 1. Download full game at Google Driver.

69Dragon Oath - Client

69Dragon Oath - Mega

69Dragon Oath - Auto

69Dragon Oath - Link #1

69Dragon Oath - Auto #1

69Dragon Oath - MediaFire

69Dragon Oath - Auto

Step: 2. Install the game.

-         After finish downloading, you can get the following file like the picture below, right click on it (using winrar) and select the Extract option:

-         After extracting, please open 69 Dragon folder, and find the Launcher.exe, and double click on it:

-         Next, Launcher will automatically update your Game to newest patch, all you have to do, is waiting for it to finish its progress, after that, the button – Play Game will be highlighted and since this time, your game has ready to play. (picture below).

69 Dragon wish you have best time enjoy our game with our biggest community.